Trends in the Use of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Croatia between 1995 and 2012

Gordana Prljević, Darija Granec, Maja Buljubašić, Josip Buljan


Until now, there have been no published researches evaluating referrals from family doctors (FDs)or utilizations of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) in Croatia. The main study aim was of determining the referral trend and the trends in the number of PMR consultations. The data were collected from the Croatian Health Statistics Yearbook, 1995 – 2012. The results of this study pointed out to the large number of FDs referrals as well as the large number of consultations performed in PMR: about 11% of all specialists’ consultations, or the first rank in 2012. While the number of referrals decreased until 2008, the number PNR consultations continuously increased. In the same time the number of the musculoskeletal diagnosed registered by FDs also increased. The geographical variations were observed too. The new researchs are needed to get deeper inside in the problem of PMR utilisation.


physical medicine and rehabilitation, referrals, utilisation, specialists’ consultations, Croatia

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